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You've seen other people take the leap, and maybe you've thought, "that can't be me", or "it's not my time yet." I'm sorry not sorry to tell you you're wrong. All of these beautiful humans are just like you. You see them every day, walking past you on the side walk, behind you in the drive through, in front of you at the pharmacy. They have nuanced lives, hard days, amazing days, just like you. The only difference is they have made the leap. They decided they ARE worthy of feeling like artwork, like royalty. They decided they ARE worthy of love from themselves. They decided their bodies ARE worthy of praise and admiration. And I can't wait for you to decide the same for yourself.



First you'll fill out our contact form, and then I will share with you our session info guide! In this, I tell you about what a session entails, our process, our products. Then after you read the guide and decide to move forward with this life changing session, you'll answer a couple more questions, ask me any questions you have, and then we narrow it down to a couple dates to choose from.

1. Say Hello

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2. Book your session

After we choose a date, you will pay the creative fee. The $500 non-refundable creative fee is required at booking to secure your session date.

*The creative fee is separate from any portrait collection and does not include any products or portraits.

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After booking, we will get you on our in-house prepayment plan for whichever collection fits what you're looking for. After that, we have you fill out a questionnaire so we can plan your custom session! Leading up to your session, we will keep in touch with advice and guidance for your portrait session. This includes guidance on wardrobe, what we offer in our client closet, recommendations for you to purchase, and creating a Pinterest board to help round out and achieve your vision, and more! If you have any questions along the way, reach out to us and we will guide you!

3. Preparation

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Yay! The session day! The moment we've all been waiting for!
You'll spend about 90 minutes getting your hair and makeup done. And then we will start the creative process! The photoshoot is typically 90 minutes long. However, sessions are custom to each client so they may run a bit longer, or a little shorter. After your session, you are free to take on the town all glammed up!

4. Session day!

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About two weeks after your session, I will have edited all the best photos and have you return to the studio! This is when you get to see all of your stunning images for the first time, make sure you love them, choose your favorites, and purchase any prints or products. About 4-6 weeks later, your products will come in, I will quality check them, and I will have you return to the studio so we can gush over the beautiful art we made together! And then you get to take it home to remind you what a badass you are all of the time!

5. Reveal & Ordering

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*The creative fee is separate from any portrait collection and does not include any products

products starting at $900

Creative fee $500*

In this modern world, printed photography, artwork on your walls is hardly seen. Beautiful photos of ourselves and those we love mainly live in a digital cloud, forgotten after cherished for a moment. Even though there are benefits to digital photos and storage, it does not do the same thing as having physical printed artwork. Artwork on your walls, albums you can touch, and experience on various levels is something that can't be replaced. Your experience of an empowerment photo session deserves to be commemorated in a meaningful way. This is why we offer heirloom quality products, so your artwork can be displayed beautifully, and last a lifetime.

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heirloom artwork • priceless

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